Monday, July 15, 2013

CCS train is leaving...choo choo!!!!

Hi boys and girls,

It's time for the CCS blog train , this months train theme is:

And this is my part.
Two CU Templates.

Hope you like!
You can DOWNLOAD it here

And here are the other stops.

Always with: Always Creations
Twyzted with: Twyzted Playground
Anna with: Annaz Attic
Felice with: Felice Original

Please keep in mind that we all in different time zones,so if the post is not up yet,
return at a later time.
And also please leave some love when you download.
We all work hard for this.

Enjoy the ride sweeties!


Monday, July 1, 2013

It's time for the BNB blog train again!!!

Hi boys and girls,

It's BnB blog train time again.
This month theme is The Hidden Deep.

And here is my part of the train.

Remember to leave some love when you download from us,
 it will keep the goodies comming.
And also we are in all diferent time zones.
So please be patient when it's not up yet,
and come back at a later time.

Here are the other stations

Enjoy the ride guys.


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