Saturday, February 18, 2012

New in my store at Exquisite Scraps

Hi everybody,

I have 3 new kits in store for you all.
Here is Love letters from the past.
Amagine a woman in the 19th century who had to send her husband of to war.
She looses him in that war.
Years later she looks back on their love. She reads the love letters he send her from the front, and remembers all the good things they had together.
This is the theme i want to bring with this kit.
It;s filled with memories from the past.
It has 12  papers and 48 elements all in 300dpi.
And it's available in both full and taggersize.

Second kit is Broken Hearted
We all had our heart broken at some time in our lives.
This mini kit has that theme.
It's available in both full and taggersize,
and has 10 papers and 25 elements.
All made at 300dpi.

And third I have Lovesick in store for you.
Did we not all go through this in one point in our lives?
So in love we got sick? Cant handle food , so nervous.
Well this kit has that theme.
It's available in fullsize and taggersize , has 12 papers and 40 elements.
All made in 300dpi.

And to top it all of I made this CU pack,
called Puppy Love
These Puppy poser tubes are for CU
They where rendered at 300dpi and measure 1470 x 1500 pixels.
In this pack are 6 poses.

And all these products are now for SALE for just $1,00

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