Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Ideas For Using Your Stash

Felice and I are busy preparing for the holidays while fighing seasonal flare-ups of our fibromyalgia, but we haven't forgotten our promise to bring you more ideas for using your stash and more free examples.

This post will feature two new kits by Felice, Noel and Gothy Christmas and my Christmas for Kiddies (2010) and Happy Holly Days (older) kits. Here we will show you 2 cute hybrid ideas that are really useful at Christmas: candy bar wraps and gift card holders.

But first, a couple quick pages made with Noel:

And, if you have a Goth in your life, display a photo of him or her in a Gothy Christmas quickpage.

Your Goth might also enjoy this little tag made with the same kit:

Candy bar wraps and gift card holders make for attractive presentation of small gifts and are perfect for stocking stuffers. The candy bar wraps shown here are sized for a standard 1.55 oz. Hershey bar but you could adjust them to fit other candy bars. All you have to do to use these is print out the wrappers from the link and wrap around your candy bar, securing with glue or tape. Note: do NOT unwrap the candy bar and remember that the top, slightly wider, section should be over the bottom section. The previews of these wrappers show that only one fits on a standard piece of cardstock or glossy photo paper with a little room to spare. I went ahead and filled that space by making a few gift tags and bookmarks.

Here are candy bar wrappers and gift tags made with Felice Originals' Gothy Christmas and Noel, respectively:

And here are candy bar wrappers and bookmarks made with D'Ambrosio Arts' Christmas For Kiddies and Happy Holly Days, respectively:

Next, here are some ready to print gift card holders made with Felice's Noel and Gothy Christmas:

and from D'Ambrosio Arts Christmas For Kiddies and Happy Holly Days:

And here is a page of gift tags made from DAA's Christmas For Kiddies and Happy Holly Days:

We hope you will find these useful both as ready to print hybrid freebies and as ideas for new ways to use your stash.

Enjoy all the freebies lovelies

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