Monday, December 12, 2011

Making The Most Of Your Digital Scrapbook & Tagger Kit Stash

This is part two of an article about all the things you can do with Tagger and Full Size Digital Scrapbook kits. (See Part 1: Tagger Kits - Not Just For Tags at or

Previously, I gave of example of artist trading cards and brag book quickpages that could be created using tagger (and full size, of course) kits. Today, getting into the spirit of the holidays, I'm using Felice Originals Sweet Christmas and Christmas Past kits plus my own Berkeley's Christmas kit to show you some other ways to use your stash.

Since we're all busy thinking about gift giving, I thought I'd make some baggie toppers to decorate ziplock baggies filled with cookies. I'm using Ziplock brand sandwich baggies for this and found that they measure a tiny bit over 6.5 inches across the top. I suggest you measure the baggie you plan to use and adjust the individual baggie topper pattern to fit. In case you are using the same baggies I am I'm also including a layout with the baggie topper and a bookmark already laid out for printing on cardstock or glossy photopaper.
You will want to use the print-to-border option on your printer set-up.
This is what the baggie toppers and bookmarks I made using Felice's Sweet Christmas and Christmas Past look like before folding:

And here is how they look attached to baggies filled with cookies. Nice touch, isn't it? the bookmarks will be tucked inside books I'm giving as gifts. Give a child in your family plenty of books and make time to read with them when they are small. The gift of reading is a wonderful gift that will open all sorts of doors and keeps giving for a lifetime.

I also made a baggie topper and bookmark using my (D'Ambrosio Arts) kit, Berkeley's Christmas, which was named in honor of my son's girlfriend who adores pink and green. You can find the kit at Southern Comfort Scraps:

And now, what you were waiting for - links to these freebies!

Sweet Christmas Baggie Topper and Bookmark

Download HERE

Christmas Past Baggie Topper and Bookmark

Download HERE

Berkeley's Christmas Baggie Topper and Bookmark

Download HERE

Please keep checking back, because Sherry and I will have some more ideas and more freebies too.

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