Friday, July 1, 2011

My Awards!!!!

Hi boys and girls,

Shell of Shell's Scraps gave my the "your blog rocks award"
Thank babes for this awsome honour.

This award is to acknowledge blogs that Rock.
There are some great blogs out there and they deserve to have
this Award, then send them this Message 'YOUR BLOG ROCK'S'.
I have accepted this Award From Maree and Gail and to keep it Rocking along
I must Pass it onto 5 other people who I think their blog Rocks.

There is no rules to this award only that you send it to 5 people
that you think deserve this Award.
Make sure you Leave them a Message.

Now I pass this award onto
Krissy from Krissy's Scraps
Julie of Bits N Bobs
SherryD from D'ambrosia Arts
Girls you all rock!!!
Enjoy this award.
A few months ago I got "My blog has atitude award" from Pink of Pinks poetic Scraps.
Thank you so much sweety.
Wich I totaly forgot to post on my blog.
So I do that now
In order to qualify for the $5.00 Digi’s With Attitude! Gift Certificate you must state 3 things that makes you different from everyone else and you must nominate 5 blogs. Lastly, you must display the Blog Award Badge (above) in your sidebar and link it back to the Digi’s With Attitude! Challenge Blog. If you have been awarded the “I got the Attitude! Blog Award” and you have followed all the steps please email claim your Gift Certificate. Include your full name and your blog name. Only one gift Certificate per person & blog please. Gift Certificates will be sent to you within 48 hours of receipt on a business day via a reply to the email received.
So 3 things that make me different, ok here we go....
1) I love everything vintage and old.
2)I love the dark and gothic stuff.
3)I got a tatoo of a vampire bite with the name of my hubby in blood dripping out.
I pass this award on to:
Debs of Debs Design
Pixie of Kissed by Pix
Cajoline of Cajoline Scraps
You all rock ladies so enjoy this award you deserve it!!
And if you visit their blogs, be sure to leave some love.

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