Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why i was MIA for so long!!!

Hi boys and Girls,
Sorry I was MIA for so long.
My health with my Fibromyalgia was totaly crap.
Lots of pain up to a point where I couldn't move anymore.
I had to much stress with the stores I was in....not the stores it self tho.
But all I had to do for so much stores was something I couldn't handle.
So I'm in one store only now.....which would it be?.....drums please.....
I stayed at Exquisite Scraps.
This is my first store...Krissy took me in when I was a rookie,
and I stay true to her and the store.
My daughter was pregnant so I also had to spend a lot of time with her.
Which I did not mind btw. I loved the baby shopping and the trips to her gyneacoligist.
My beautiful GRANDDAUGHTER was born on the 31th of may 2011.
Her name is FLEUR.
She weight 2335 grams, so she is very tiny.
So I'm a GRANNY now and loving it. She is my precious lil monkey.
Here is a picture of her.
Now isn't she just adorable. I love my wee bundle of joy.
My comeback will be soon with lots of gorgeous baby stuff.
Lil Fleur is my inspiration at the moment.
So stay tuned and keep your eye on my blog and store.

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