Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PU Freebie day 5 and 6!!!!!

*In Loving Memory of Hannah Gorgia Aimee: 23rd September 2004 ~ 04th November 2004 & Emily Jayne: 23rd September 2004*

In New Zealand where Krissy lives it's already Thursday and the birthday of Hannah & Emily.

So today I give you day 5 and day 6 together

First day 5

It contains 2 fans for you

You can DOWNLOAD these here

And for the last day and the birthday of the girls

I have 2 lollipops for you

You can DOWNLOAD these here.

Please while you download my freebies think of my dear and close friend Krissy of Krissy's scraps.

She goes through a very diffecult time right now.

Keep her in your thoughts.




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