Sunday, September 27, 2009

New in store

Hey Girls,

Here I'm again,Yea I know you had to wait quiet a while for me to come and blog.
But I have bin ill.Ít's going better now.
But Oke enough babbling. I sell my designs in an other store now, and thats Exquisite Scraps.Blinkie Exquisite ScrapsAnd I love it there.
I Placed 3 kits in the store today. And these are.....ROOOFFFFLLLL,drums please.....
The first is MY FIRST HALLOWEEN,and it's both in full size and tagger size.
My First Halloween-tag

And the other, This one comes only in taggersize for now,I will upload the fullsize kit as soon as I can for ya'll.
Sweet Baby Love-tag Registered & Protected

Hope you like these.
You can buy them at So run to the store girls.

In a couple of day's I come up with yet an other freebee.
I don't know yet what it is,but if you all stay tuned for more you will see.hehehehe.LOL

Happy Scrapping or Tagging girls,


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