Thursday, July 2, 2009

A bit dissapointed and new layouts

Hi girls,

It's so hot here in my little country called Holland. It's over 30 degrees here and we're not use to these temperatures.Pfff...nothing seems to be working.I'm working on my new kit but i can't stay focussed with al this heat in my house.So i'll try to tell you what occupies my mind.
My kit Sweet Baby Love isn't selling,and thats a big bummer for me.I'm just so dissapointed right now.
What can be wrong? Everybody who see's my kit said it's lovely,but no one want's to buy it. Maybe you're all baby tired or something i don't know.It seems to be that no one wants my freebies either.
Girls i give them away for free!!!!
I think my kit is gorgeous and cute so i won't just give up.
In a few days i will post another freebie here.Maybe it works then.(hope so)
Anyway enough babbling about me and my mind, i have 2 cute new layouts to show you.

These were made by Marina, she's a CT member over at DSD.And on the pictures is her little boy cody.Is'nt he just adorable?
Thanks girl the're so cute.

And girls you can do all such layouts with my new kit Sweet Baby Love.
So come on run over to DSD and buy my kit!!
Anyway happy scrapping Girls
Love Felice

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